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Chair of Economic Policy and Economic Development – Prof. Dr. David Stadelmann

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FrederikWild_portrait_zoomed_square2_2_small Frederik Wild

Chair of Development Economics

Frederik Wild

Research Assistant

Consultation Hour

Upon appointment (to arrange, please contact at frederik.wild@uni-bayreuth.de).

Short CV


  • Since 2019    Research and Teaching Assistant, Chair of Development                                        Economics, University of Bayreuth
  • Since 2019    Research Assistant, DFG Cluster of Excellence EXC2052 'Africa                            Multiple', University of Bayreuth


  • Since 2019    Ph.D. Student in Economics, Chair of Development Economics &                          Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies                                      (BIGSAS), University of Bayreuth
  • 2016 - 2019   M.A. Philosophy & Economics, University of Bayreuth

Full CV


Chair of Development Economics


Past and present teaching priorities

  • Development Economics (Lecture & Exercise Class)
  • Borders, Integration and Human Capital: Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (Master's Seminar on Economic Progress)


Main areas of research

  • Development Economics, especially topics in Health, Education and Demography, as well as Regional (Economic) Integration and Economic Geography (mainly focused on Sub-Saharan Africa).


Articles in peer-reviewed journals 

  • ‘Heterogenous Effects of Women's Schooling on Fertility, Literacy and Work: Evidence from Burundi's Free Primary Education Policy’ (together with David Stadelmann). 2023. Journal of African Economies. Forthcoming. Working paper: Link
  • ‘Coastal Proximity and Individual Living Standards: Econometric Evidence from Georeferenced Household Surveys in Sub-Saharan Africa’ (together with David Stadelmann). 2022. Review of Development Economics 26 (4): 1883-1901. Link
  • 'Coronavirus-Lockdowns, Secondary Effects and Sustainable Exit-Strategies for Sub-Saharan Africa' (together with Raymond B. Frempong and David Stadelmann). 2020. Economics Bulletin 40 (3): 2586–93. Link

Working papers and conference proceedings

  • Regional Market Integration and Household Welfare - Evidence from the East African Community. Mimeo – University of Bayreuth. (together with David Stadelmann)
  • The Role of Education in the Support for (Regional) Free Trade - Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. Mimeo – University of Bayreuth.

Non-refereed publications, book contributions and blogs

  • Approaching ‘Relationality’ from Economics: A Conceptualisation, Application and Discussion’ (with David Stadelmann). Africa Multiple: Studies of Africa and Its Diasporas. Africa*n Relations: Modalities Reflected. Forthcoming.
  • ‘Every (immune) person counts, especially in developing countries’ (with Raymond B. Frempong and David Stadelmann), in ‘2021: The Year of Vaccines’, ed. Shoba Suri, Observer Research Foundation (ORF), 2021. Link
  • ‘A perspective on secondary effects of the spread of COVID19 in emerging economies’ (with Raymond B. Frempong and David Stadelmann), in ‘ORF Expert Speak’, Observer Research Foundation (ORF), 2020. Link

Chair of Development Economics

Frederik Wild
Research Assistant

AddressFrederik Wild
Chair VWL E - Entwicklungsökonomik
University of Bayreuth
Universitätsstraße 30
D-95447 Bayreuth
OfficeRW I, Room 1.0 02 132
Phone+49 (0)921 / 55-6091
Consultation HourUpon appointment (to arrange a meeting, please contact via email)

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